Allstars February 2017: Congratulations to 17 new Sales Directors

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#DubLiAllstars – As promised, in February we will have again more achievers to be recognized
and that’s exactly what happened! Congratulations to not less but 17 brand new SALES DIRECTORS
(WOW: 7 are from the powerful Believers Team out of MOROCCO!)
and another 81 new Team Coordinators from 12 different countries!

This Team is truly amazing. Every week a new Volume-Record, new recognitions and – again – we are
expecting during the month of March 2017 more SD’s and even VP’s.

So stay tuned and help me to congratulate those great guys by leaving a LIKE (Facebook), HEART (Homepage),
comment below and share with the WORLD!

Here are the new Leaders:

Mrs. Naima Serraj Andaloussi (Casablanca, Morocco – 2 days only!)

Mrs. Haifa Alolayan (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – less than 1 month only!)

Mr. Abdulawab Ali Alselimy (Riyad, Saudi Arabia – less than 1 month only!)

Mrs. Fouzia Chraibi (Casablanca, Morocco)

Mr. Mohammad Abuamriah (Amman, Jordan)

Mr. Hakim Azerki (Kenitra, Morocco)

Mr. A. Singh (Ahmedabad, India)

Mr. Adil Tajmouti (Casablanca, Morocco)

Mrs. Fatiha Khajdi Bakkioui (Morocco / Egypt)

Ms. Faraj Souad (Casablanca, Morocco)

Mr. Marco Regaglio (Cremolino, Italy)

Mr. Amro Abdelrahim Gumaa Abdelrahman (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.)

Mr. Hassan Belhaj (Casablanca, Morocco)

Europe Eagles (Berlin, Germany)

Plus 3 more SD’s still need to stay inkognito before they go public ..

Great News to come within this month ..

Best of luck and greetings out of Dubai
Thomas *ToM* Schmitz
Senior Vice President

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