Allstars United congratulates another 16 new Sales Directors!

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Good morning #DubLination
I am so proud to announce again our next 16 new SALES DIRECTORS!
Again – Morocco in record breaking time, as well the 2 very first SD’s out of 
Malaysia, the first female SD from Palestine and the very first SD from Algeria
You guys all are just amazing and on your way to qualify for the Vice President
and Presidents Club until the end of the year.
We are wishing you the very best to reach your wildest Dreams.
In the same periode of time, we also got 104 (!) new Team Coordinators in
the Team. 
This is pretty outstanding and seeing what kind of TOP-NETWORK-LEGENDS just
got aboard … WOW … we will break several new records in the upcoming months!
So again – to all of you CONGRATULATIONS – way to go – and see you soon on the world tour.
Help me to cheer and celebrate our new Sales Directors:
Mr. Redouan El Alaoui (Nador, Morocco 1 day only!)
Mr. Hicham Fallaoui (Casablanca, Morocco 3 days only!)
Mrs. Amina Charfaoui (Casablanca, Morocco 3 days only!) 
Ms. Imane Ait Lmoudden (Casablanca, Morocco 3 days only!)
Ms. Hala Sahyoun (The 1st female SD out of Gaza, Palestine!) 
Mrs. Randa Talha (The first SD out of Selangor, Malaysia)
Mr. Yaaqoub Bendjeddou (The frist SD out of Ferdjioua, Algeria)
Schickeria-Team (Munich, Germany)
Mr. Mohamad Abduelmajid Osman Omer (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Mrs. Maram Alshehri (Dammam, Saudi Arabia)
Ms. Faedah Saleh (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Mr. Sang Ho Yang (Seoul, South Korea)
Mr. Nazmi Naffa (Jenin, Palestine)
Mr. El Harim Mohcine (Casablanca, Morocco)
Plus 2 more inkognito ones from INDIA and NETHERLANDS
Love from Dubai
Your proud Upline SVP
Thomas *ToM* Schmitz
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