ATV presents: Waleed Shehadeh – our brand new VICE PRESIDENT

 In Business, Promotion

#DubLiAllstars – it’s again CELEBRATION TIME !

Congratulations to this amazing guy, living in Dubai, for making it to Vice President in DubLi Network.
Waleed Shehadeh started part time in DubLi while working at Microsoft and due to the much bigger commission he earned in DubLi compared to his Microsoft earnings – 6 month ago he went FULL TIME. This week he made it to VICE PRESIDENT and we all are looking forward to a big celebration at our JORDAN World Tour November 5th 2016.

Again, Waleed, on behalf of the entire Team, your fabulous group in Jordan and across the world – CONGRATULATIONS !

Can’t wait to party, can’t wait to travel within the Presidents Team with you, can’t wait to break record after record after record.

Meet soon in Jordan



Thomas *ToM* Schmitz


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