Congratulations to 2 new SD’s and 32 (!) new TC’s

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#DubLination – it’s such a pleasure to announce and recognize the recently achieved new ranks within the #DubLiAllstars coming from Canada, Germany, Italy, Algeria, India, UAE, Egypt, Saudi, Morocco, Jordan, India and Gaza in Palestine!

Congratulations to our new and first Sales Director Lady from Giza/Egypt:
Ms. Rehab Elsharkawy
Congratulations to our next Sales Director from Dubai, U.A.E. – Mr. 1000 HP – 
Abdulla Almheiri 
Now it is just one more step to be half-qualified for the amazing Presidents Club. We wish you all the best to your further DubLi career!
But folks – have a look at those High-Speed-Achievers as well..: 32 new Team Coordinators (some made it in only a few hours, days or week!)
This is amazing.
Congratulations to all of you and all the best to make it to SD soon:
Mrs. Hiba Abuhashim (Egypt, 24hours only!)
Mr. Abdulla Al Mheiri (Egypt, 24 hours only!)
Mr. Hatim Yahya Elhassan (Saudi Arabia, 11 days only!)
Mr. Derrick Desmond Charles Serrao (U.A.E., 12 days only!)
Mrs. Loubna Douider (Morocco, 13 days only!)
Mr. Yaqoub Albasha (Saudi Arabia, 21 days only!)
Mrs. Azizi Kenza (Morocco, 25 days only!)
Mr. Ahmed Alshammar (Saudi Arabia, 26 days only!)
Mr. Abdalla Dmour (Egypt, 4 weeks only!)
Ms. Juman Abu Alhummos (Jordan, 4 weeks only!)
Mrs. Viveklata Sharma (India, 4 weeks only!)
Mrs. Maryem Moamah (Canada)
Mrs. Rugaya Alnajjar (Saudi Arabia)
Mr. Abdulla Salman (U.A.E.)
Mr. Medjmadj Walid (Algeria)
Mr. Abdullah Awad Fadhi Al-Honini (Egypt)
Mr. Khdigh Alsulimany (Saudi Arabia)
Mrs. Migerta Kurtaja (Italy)
Mr. Hamed Al Herbawi (U.A.E.)
Ms. Sahar Alsawat (Saudi Arabia)
Ms. Hla Sahyoun (Gaza-Palestine)
Mrs. Azizi Kenza (Morocco, 25 days only!)
Ms. Amina Mkinsi (Morocco)
Mr. Khaled Ayyad (Jordan)
Mr. Diethelm Funke
Mr. Bassam Hammash (Jordan)
Mrs. Setti Hind (Morocco)
Mr. Raffaele Reale (Italy)
Mr. Ahmed Esmat Hashim Hasanin (Egypt)
Mr. Yasser Kassab (Egypt)
Mrs. Muneera Alqahtani (Saudi Arabia)
Mr. Naih Ameur (Morocco)
We all can’t wait to announce the next Rank-Achievers and having a look at this week – which again, will break all the records – (We have already today 80% of the volume compared to the best week before…) – 
I am sure, we are close to announce new SD’s as well VP’s !
Now let’s take the final 2 days to make most of our partners a FREE DubLi Shareholder by our HOT SUMMER PROMOTION !!
Have a great day and week!
Cheers from Dubai
Thomas *ToM* Schmitz
Senior Vice President
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