Congratulations to 9 brand new Sales Directors of Allstars United

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Dear #DubLiAllstars

What an honor to recognize again – less than 3 weeks after the last posting – 9 (!) brand new Sales Directors of our amazing global Team.

This shows exactly what’s going on:

Way more than 1 Million CSV within 4 weeks only, many Leaders are maxing out the binary piece of our compensation plan week after week after week and the best news and best phases in 2016 are still to come ..!

But now – let’s leave all a big round of virtual applause, LIKE, Share and comment for those SUPERSTARS:


Mr. Anas Aljehani, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) – 24hours only

Mr. Mohamed Essagar, Morocco (Casablanca)

Mrs. Meryem Mohamah, Canada (Montreal)

Ms. Magda Mostafa, Morocco (Casablanca)

Mr. Hatem Sherien, Egypt (Giza)

Ms. Irada Darwish, Jordan (Amman)

Mrs. Rajaa Fahim, Morocco (Casablanca)

Mr. Mohammed Khammas, Morocco (Casablanca)

Mr. Fadi Elnasser, USA (Orlando)


Due to this massive expansion and to serve the Team with all possible resources, we are not going to name all Team Coordinators on this page anymore – They are just too many – You are just too fast 🙂

Again more than 50 (!) BA’s coming from North- and middle America, Europe, Middle East and Asia are just got promoted to this important rank.

Congratulations to all of you! We can’t wait to name you becoming SD or even VP/SVP within the next posting!

Now you all should make sure to attend the upcoming 2nd part of the WorldTour in Morocco, Jordan, U.A.E. and Japan !

Have an outstanding weekend


Thomas *ToM* Schmitz

Senior Vice President

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