#DubLiAllstars – Just 3 words: Jordon on FIRE ! 3 new SD’s in 24 hours !

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What a pleasure to announce again only 2 days later the next Sales Director promotions!
Congratulations to our 3 brand new SD’s as well to 8 new TC’s (find the list below) – all from beautiful Jordan and
all within only 24 hours!

Ms. Diala Al Refai (Zarqa, Jordan, less than 90 days only)
Mr. Hassan Al Khateeb (Zarqa, Jordan)
Mr. Basel Al Rawas (Amman, Jordan)

See the statements of the Upline Top Leader, Mr. Waleed Shehadeh:

„Diala simplified the reason why I Love Network Marketing, she is only 19 years Old, and in less than 3 months she became a Sales Director, Proving to the whole world that Anyone can do it .. she is always hungry to do more, learn more and Build BIG, she is an Inspiration to me and the entire team, her success was a super wake up call for many people and I can clearly see her one of the most successful networkers in few years”

„Hasan showed big Potential since day 1, he is one of the main Pillers in Jordan’s market, he is a Strong Believer in the company and the team, I Love his Passion when it comes to Building .. his ability to overcome Challenges inspires me everyday ..  his vision is so clear and I am lucky to be with him in the same team’’.

„For the last 7 years, Bassel showed extraordinary potentials when it comes to Building networks, he is a great leader in the region with big plans when it comes to Dubli, I adore the way he keeps moving between cities, helping and supporting his team, Since the first day he told me “ Waleed, we did it once, Lets do it BIGGER this time “ .. and indeed, his presence adds a lot to the team, in Jordan and everywhere else, I am so proud and pleased to be with him and I can bet on him for a bigger success on the future. ‘’

Thanks a lot, Waleed, for your kind words about those great DubLi-Leaders.

We look forward to see you all this weekend for our big MENA Sales Director Event in Dubai.

And now – let’s cheer our brand new Team Coordinators. Congratulations and SEE YOU AT THE TOP:

Ms. Heba Alghazo (Jordan, less than 2 weeks!)
Mrs.Mariam Khanfar (Jordan)
Mr. Omar Freaqh (Jordan)
Mr. Yamen Rabadi (Jordan)
Mr. Taher Etoom (Jordan)
Mr. Jamal Khodroj (Jordan)
Ms. Rama Abu Tarboush (Jordan)
Ms. Aseel Ayesha (Jordan)

#DubLination – get inspired and make the summer of 2016 to the best one in your entire career.


Thomas *ToM* Schmitz
Senior Vice President

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