HOT SUMMER: Congratulations to 7 new SD’s and 45 new TC’s !!

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#DubLination – It’s my true pleasure to announce our #Allstars Team Results from the past 4 weeks!
It’s nothing else than spectacular ..:

Congratulations to our 7 brand new SALES DIRECTORS:

Mrs. Dalal Mussaiam (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2 weeks only!)
Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Othman (Sharjah, U.A.E.)
Mr. Sajeev Appukuttan (Dubai, U.A.E.)
Mr. Saeed Alqhtani (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
PLUS 3 more (Inkognito) from Jordan, Morocco and the U.A.E.

And on their way to SD are those incredible Leader from 11 different nations who just

Mr. Jasim Abdelrahman Almatrooshi (U.A.E., 24h only !)
Mr. Khlid Ali (Egypt, 9 days only!)
Mr. Ali Baniya (Egypt, 9 days only!)
Mrs. Farija Faraj (Egypt, 10 days only!)
Mr. Ivano Calvetti (Italy)
Mr. Aboubakr AbdulJwad Nouralddeen (Egypt)
Mr. Mahmoud Boughdady (Egypt)
Mr. Mohamed Essagar (Morocco)
Mr. Saji Kuttivilayil George (U.A.E., 2 weeks only!)
Mr. Osama Sleem (Egypt)
Mr. Jibi C Varghese (India)
MLM Group, Austria
Mr. Nader Jenainah (Turkey)
Ms. Aya Yousef Mahmmud Hirzalla (Jordan)
Mr. Mohamed Benmassaoud (Morocco)
Mrs. Souad El Maazizi (Morocco)
Ms. Nour Al-Barghouthi (Jordan)
Mr. Mohammad Bassam Barjas (U.A.E.)
Ms. Irada Darwish (Jordan)
Mr. Heba Nour (Egypt)
Ms. Amina Mkinsi (Morocco)
Ms. Heba Alghazo (Jordan)
Mr. Mohammad Abuamriah (Jordan)
Mrs. Mouna Cherkaoui (Morocco)
Mrs. Narnita Emerenciana (Philippines)
Mrs. Sabah Alhemdy (Saudi Arabia)
Mr. Mosab Aboelgasim Hassan Abbas (Saudi Arabia)
Mrs. Saleha Masmaly (Saudi Arabia)
Mr. X (Saudi Arabia)
Mr. Samirah Babukayr (Saudi Arabia)
Cashback24 LTD. (Germany)
Mr. Maha AlQahtani (Saudi Arabia)
Mr. Moayad Al Youssef (Saudi Arabia)
Ms. Ibtissem Fathalli Ep Ben Mena (U.A.E.)
Ms. Esraa Hussein (Jordan)
Ms. Nehad Awni (U.A.E.)
Mr. Samir Ibrahim Khalil (U.A.E.)
Mr. Sudhir Vithal Palande (U.A.E.)
Ms. Jawaher Alhomyani (Saudi Arabia)
Mrs. Huwaida Almarshood (Saudi Arabia)
Mr. Kurian Paul (India)
Mr. Amro Abdelrahim Gumaa Abdelrahman (U.A.E.)
Mrs. Fatiha Khajdi Bakkioui (Egypt)
Mrs. Asmaa Hanchaoui (Morocco)
Mr. Eslam Sophy Elmadam Shoeib (Egypt)

Congratulations to all of you! Look forward to the next Global-Newsletter coming soon from #DubLiNetwork ..!
Best wishes out of Dubai
Thomas *ToM* Schmitz
Senior Vice President
NB. Who will be No. 7000 at our Fanpage World-As-One .. ?
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