Interview with our 2 brand NEW Vice Presidents, Mr. Mohammed Othman & Raad (Jocky) Alzahrani

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What a pleasure to announce again 2 new Vice Presidents to the Team by a great Interview what we took

right after the Dubai Event “Night 24”.

Listen to Mr. Mohammed Othman from U.A.E. as well from Mr. Raad (Jocky) Alzahrani from Saudi Arabia and find out how they made it

  • Raad is first time in Network Marketing and even Part-Time working
  • Mohammed is a well known Network Legend with more than 16 years of track records and started all over again

At the end we got the pleasure to catch also Mr. Mustafa Ahmed Bashir Abdalla – Team of Mohammed Othman – from Sudan/KSA.

Mustafa also had no experience in Network before and made it by the support of his Upline Mohammed Othman even few weeks earlier

to the prestigious rank of Vice President. (His message is done in Arabic, all others speaks English)

Allstars – have a look at the amazing gift, Raad received by his Upline Mohammed Eid. Its just too cool !!

Again – congratulations to all 3 archivers. We all can’t wait to celebrate again on the upcoming SD event in Dubai and of course on the

2018 Presidents Club Travel. With your attitude, hard work and Team Support – you will make it to Presidents Club with no doubts.


In a few days, we will recognize all the new Sales Directors who made it to this position .. so do what it takes, dear TC’s, to be a part of this

recognition as well and same time being qualified for the upcoming Event in Dubai, September 29th for SD’s and above.

You all have a great start into the new week


Thomas *ToM* Schmitz

Senior Vice President

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