Let’s celebrate 15 new Sales Directors from around the globe!

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Dear #DubLination!

What a pleasure to announce again our latest Top-Achievers. Representing 3 continents and 9 countries (including our first SD from Sudan/Africa)

Congratulations to:

Mr. Mustafa Ahmed Bashir Abdalla (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – one month only!)
Mr. Salman Salwm A Alshammeri (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – one month only!)
Ms. Mouna Jdaini (Casablanca, Morocco)
Mrs. Dalal Alrahili  (Medina, Saudi Arabia)
Mr. Moayad Al Yousef (Dammam, Saudi Arabia)
GlobalBiz (Berlin, Germany)
Mr. Abdalla Dmour (Cairo, Egypt)
Mrs. Mirna Alhindi (Nablus, Palestine)
Ms. Nehad Awni (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.)
Mr. Shadi Alzawyani (Nablus, Palestine)
Mrs. Mouna Chekaoui (Casablanca, Morocco)
Mr. Sanjay Pandey (New Delhi, India) 
Mr. Peter M. (Orlando, USA)
Mr.Elamin Gafar Ahmed Taha (Sudan)
Mr.Tareq Abu Freiha (Dammam, Saudi Arabia)

Same time we welcome not less than 91 (!) new Team Coordinators to the Allstars United Hall of Fame.


This kind of momentum of DubLi around the world will gift us a brand new Rank,

which will be introduced shortly by a global update call ..!

So stay tuned and make your life a masterpiece with DubLi Network @ Allstars United

Wishing you a great and super successful countdown of 2016 and to all who celebrate a peaceful Christmas-PreLaunch-Phase 🙂


Thomas *ToM* Schmitz

Senior Vice President


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