The biggest multilingual Sales Director Recognition ever .. LIVE FROM DUBAI

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#DubLination !

This is what i call a LUXURY PROBLEM ..: We are celebrating not less than 38 NEW SALES DIRECTORS in the Team representing

14 different countries from across the globe. Instead of just listing them with a picture collage, we decided to cheer for them right

from the DUBAI TOP-LEADER Event!

Listen to a quick recap and the greetings in several languages like:

English, Arabic, German, Italian, Tagalog, Hindi, Dutch, Egyptian, French, Iranian, Hungarian and Spanish!

Make sure to share, comment and LIKE and let the Network- and Cashback World understand to WHOM they should talk, to

get aboard within the most special kind of “Pre-Launch” ever before DubLi is going to launch THE CARD!

And here they are .. from USA, Germany, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Algeria, Palestine, Kuwait, Turkey, Israel, Sudan and Italy ..

our new ACHIEVERS on their way to VP and Presidents Club:

Hamza Korrat Saudi Arabia 1 day only
Amal Bajrai Saudi Arabia 5 days only
Anis Naffa Israel 8 days only
mariam alsalamah Saudi Arabia 3 weeks only
Mahdi AL-Salman Saudi Arabia 6 weeks only
Moudi Alotaibi Saudi Arabia 8 weeks only
Lmya Al zahrani Saudi Arabia 9 weeks only
Nasser  Al Nassr Saudi Arabia 11 weeks only
layla alharbi Saudi Arabia 11 weeks only
Alberto Frisoni Italy
Award International Italy
Aktiv Elsmani Gadalla Sudan
Eidman Mahmoud Abdelhalim Mohamed Saudi Arabia
Nader Jenainah Turkey
Haya Khalaf United Arab Emirates
Murtadha Al Taroti Saudi Arabia
Alaa Eid United Arab Emirates
Mohammed Skaik Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Sabah Bogasmi Saudi Arabia
Leonarda Khoufash United Arab Emirates
Najla  Abdullah Al Olayan Saudi Arabia
Ahmed Abu Tamie Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Aiad Riad Algeria
Mahdi Mansoori Kuwait
Naser Eltyieb Saudi Arabia
Fatimuh Ahmad Alshshaqir Saudi Arabia
Waleed Kanaan Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Mohamed Balahouane Algeria
Hassan Mohammed Isa Bahrain
Hassan Al-Mubarak Saudi Arabia
Esraa Hussein Jordan
Nahlah Algaif Saudi Arabia
Mohammad Bassam Barjas United Arab Emirates
Islam Magdy Egypt
Khaled Ayyad Jordan
Wolfgang Reinicke Germany
Cashback Heaven USA
XXX Inkognito MENA

Wishing you all best of luck, see you on the upcoming World Tour and of course back in Dubai March 2018


Thomas *ToM* Schmitz

Senior Vice President


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